Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baseball is NOT My Sport!

Disclaimer: I'm going to give you fair warning that I am not the best writer in the world. So if bad punctuation and grammar ticks you off..............Well too bad because there is bound to be some in here. ;)

I finally have a few spare minutes, and since it is baseball season I thought I might tell you why I haven't like baseball since I was a teenager.....

5th Grade: We were playing baseball at recess one day and I was the catcher. I told the batter and pitcher to wait a minute, but they didn't listen. The batter swung, I was too close, and they ended up hitting me in the mouth with the bat. Luckily no teeth were lost, but my face did swell.

6th Grade: I had a backstop fall on me at school. Yep, you read that right. A BACKSTOP! It hit my lower back causing it to swell up. Not sure what kind of damage it did, but I still have problems with that area.

8th Grade: We were playing baseball (using a hardball cuz that was all we had) after church one Sunday. I was in the left field and my brother was in front of me. I was bored so I was standing there talking to one of the other girls playing outfield. The guy up to bat hit a line drive. My brother didn't think he could catch it so he ducked. All I remember was instant pain and then hitting the ground. It broke all the bones around my left eye, broke all the blood vessels in my eye, and scratched the retina. The entire left side of my face swelled to twice it's size and I had a HUGE black eye. For the next couple of years every couple of months my eye would swell up for no reason and you could push the area right next to my eye and feel fluids rush up and down my face.

I never played baseball again!


  1. Damn woman....this post made me hate baseball too! Those are some serious injuries. I hope you are ok now from your injuries.

  2. Holy cow!! I got hit on my left eye with a stone. I lost vision on that eye for a couple of days.

    Back in the day we played with stones instead of baseball balls.

  3. Well it's good you excel at one sport :)

    Competitive digging, you earned a gold metal in that last summer and it came in very handy when you had those plumbing problems (lol)

  4. Whoa! Dang it, ur an accident prone girl, huh.

    Stay safe =]