Friday, April 3, 2009

Everyone said I couldn't do it......

Disclaimer: I'm going to give you fair warning that I am not the best writer in the world. So if bad punctuation and grammar ticks you off..............Well too bad because there is bound to be some in here.

For the past few months I have been asking some of my guy friends to help me do somethings around the house. Mainly because they kept telling me not to even attempt to do them on my own. So this weekend I was tired of waiting on them to help me out and decided to get the stuff done even if it killed me.

Since Janice was only going to be home in the morning and early afternoon, we decided that we needed to tackle the tree limbs hanging over my roof first.

Note 1 (for those who don't know me): I'm scared of heights, and I tend to trip over every little thing.

Here is how the limbs looked before I started.

Then I began......

I must admit that it was at this point that my legs began to shake and I began praying that I wouldn't kill myself.

After a lot of praying and sawing my roof was finally tree limb free.....

AND it was accomplished without me breaking anything. Things are were going great.

Note 2: Chainsaw was not used because I was afraid that I would drop it and then it would go through my roof, then through my ceiling, into the room below, and through the floor. Don't laugh. I know my limitations. It WOULD have happened.

Now on to the Kitchen to change out the faucet.

Note 3: Gaylin, Robert, and Adam all told me that I should not even attempt this due to my previous plumbing experiences.

This is what my faucet looked like..

And now it looks like this

The faucet is installed, Everything works correctly, AND there are no leaks. (Therefore no one will need to replace my kitchen floor.)

Note 4: I will accept all apologies in writing only.

By now it was around 1:00 and Janice had to leave. She expressed that she was thoroughly disappointed that I hadn't had a blonde moment. She said that the only reason she wanted to help work on everything was so that she would have something to laugh at. HOW RUDE!

I was pretty wiped out by all this manual labor, so I sat down at the computer for a while to check out Queen Suzz's Blog. (She had a clue game going on over the weekend) I played on mycrack for a while and then decided that I needed to trim the trees in my back yard.

So I got this out...

I then stood on the picnic table and preceded to trim the tree limbs. I almost finished without anything going wrong. Then a branch came down and hit me right under my eye. My hand flew to my eye and when I pulled it away there was blood. So I threw the branch cutter down and ran into the house to get a wash cloth and some ice.

(The horrible branch is one leaning on the picnic table)

Sunday morning I woke up to my eye looking like this....

Not pretty!!!! So much for accomplishing everything without any problems. Janice came home and laughed at me. She then told me that it wasn't fair that it happened after she left. Again, HOW RUDE! LOL!

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