Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weekend of Exposure

Disclaimer: I'm going to give you fair warning that I am not the best writer in the world. So if bad punctuation and grammar ticks you off..............Well too bad because there is bound to be some in here. ;)

This is a blog I wrote a while back about a weekend filled with embarrassing moments:

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great! Although it was a weekend filled with embarrassing moments, but at least they weren't all mine.

Gotta love breast fed babies! LOL!

Friday night I went shopping with my friend Sheril and her two daughters Jaely and McKaena . Jaely is 1 yrs old and when she gets tired she likes to place her hands inside your shirt so that she can feel skin. Normally this isn't that big of a deal, but Friday night was an acceptation due to the fact that I was wearing a low cut shirt. We got to Babies-R-Us and I was carrying her into the store when all of the sudden she stuffed her hands into my shirt. Not just inside but completely down my bra and cupping my breast. I gently pulled her hand out and tried to keep her otherwise occupied. Sheril and McKaena went to one side of the store. While Jaely and I went to the other side. We looked around a bit and I found something that I wanted to show Sheril. So I started walking in that direction when all of sudden Jaely reaches up and pulls my shirt completely down exposing my entire bra. I quickly yanked my shirt up, but apparently not quick enough. The guy in front of me was laughing his head off. She managed to do this to me twice, but there was no one there to witness the second time.

Gotta love your friends too!!

Saturday morning I got a phone call from my friend Shantell from Stillwater. She and her little family were going to be coming into the city to go shopping and wanted me to meet them. Shantell's husband LOVES to embarrass me. In fact I think it is his goal in life to see how many times he can make me turn completely red. Saturday was not different. We were standing in line to check out when he reaches down and grabs to small basket balls (the kind that you by for little kids). He then looks at the cashier (who just happened to be a guy), grabs my waist and pulls me over to him, holds the balls up to his chest, and says in a very loud voice "Do we look like twins?" The cashier died laughing, I turned beat red, and Scott just looked extremely proud.

Gotta love it when it's not about you!!!

Sunday morning my roommate Janice and I were running late for church. We pulled up to the church and parked in the back. We decided that we were going to quickly sneak in through the side door. I got out of the car and started heading towards the door. I was almost to the walkway when I heard Janice make a startled sound. I turned around to see if she was okay. She was standing there with a total look of shock on her face. I looked down and burst into laugher. Her skirt had fallen to her ankles and she was standing there in her slip. I immediately fell to the ground in laughter. Needless to say I didn't get anything out of church yesterday.

Now tell me some your embarrassing moments.

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